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Monthly Horoscope: September 2023

may 2023 horoscope readings by copyallycat

Your September 2023 horoscope is finally here! Luck, money, success, love, happiness ... see what the stars have aligned for you. Here are copyallycat's September 2023 Monthly Horoscope Readings!


Let’s leave August behind and focus on September which (for you) is all about luck, prosperity and karma. This is your month to get creative with your craft or to try gambling if it’s something you’ve been wanting to do. Your financial struggles will finally leave and it is the perfect time to seek stability. Here’s a little tip, try to meditate by a river as it will help renew you and strengthen your intuition. As the first horoscope on the chart you need to remember just how important a good first impression is.

The lucky numbers for thins month are: 26, 18, 10, 39

Recommendation: copyallycat Victory Oil (Win at everything ... money, love, success, etc.)


September is full of new beginnings for you. This may even manifest itself as a better job opportunity with better pay. As the bull in Mother Nature, Taurus individuals need movement in their life. Do not get stuck in your old routines. Right now is the chance for you to step out of your comfort zone. Remember that changes are good for you. Do not get scared or question why good things happen to you. They are meant for you. Here’s a little suggestion, an unexpected money flow will hit your account. It is up to you if you want to invest it or just save it for later. Just try to not spend it. Also, continue to manifest as the sun is really close to you. And remember, when it comes to love, you are most compatible with Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Your lucky numbers: 56, 44, 1, 5

Recommendation: Money Soap (help your finances)


We love the double magic! For you, this September will bring you the discovery of hidden abilities, tremendous energies from the unknown and new found courage. All those obstacles that were blocking your way and making things difficult will now transform into positive things. As the mercury retrograde is still in the picture, September is still a good time to audit yourself. Review everything you have done and try to avoid previous mistakes. Believe me when I say you do not want to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Remember that your twin magic is a blessing from the sky; especially with the chariot in the picture.

This month’s lucky numbers: 19, 03, 7,15

Recommendation: Spiritual Spray (3rd eye awakening)


Rise and shine because September is all about relaxation. This is the perfect month for all my Cancers to simply to sit back and enjoy life. You are now waking in (9 months) which resembles closing old patterns, cycles and spirituality. In your third house we see communication. Most importantly, speaking up about the truth. Obviously, this does not mean you have to go on and blabber about drama or people. You’ll know when to speak and when not.

September lucky numbers: 10, 12, 4, 41

Recommendation: Goodbye Black Magic Spray (get rid of negative energies)


Love and comfort is heading your way for this month of September. Not only is this month about cleansing but also showing the universe that you have a lot of compassion. The sun will sit strong on your horoscope all month long which will renew you. All your relationships and friendships are now going to get better from here on.

September's lucky numbers: 99, 50, 13, 37

Recommendation: copyallycat Victory Oil (Win at everything ... money, love, success, etc.)


I am seeing a lot of happiness and socializing for Virgos this month of September. September for you is all about exploring and trying new things. There will even be times this month were you will find your self being in peace and surrounded by silence. There is nothing wrong with that so don’t worry. On the contrary, embrace it because not everyone has the opportunity and time to think things thoroughly. I suggest taking time to take a stroll at the park barefoot as it will renew you & cleanse you from those pesky energies from the previous months. Now is the time for changes.

This months lucky numbers: 46, 39, 1, 47

Recommendation: Back Off Spray (Push away bad people from your life)


Buckle up and get ready to have a blast this month of September. A bunch of good news and positive changes are headed your way. September for you also involves forgiving, finding courage and overall have harmony in your life. As an air element, Libras need to expand their knowledge and try to stop being so close minded. Take this month for to enjoy love and comfort as it will truly change you.

Your lucky numbers: 96, 37, 11, 9

Recommendation: Justice & Balance Spray (push away attacks thrown by enemies)

Scorpio: Let us build a strong feminine intuition this month of September as it will change you and your future. For those who are into spirituality and working with the moon, take advantage of the beauty of pampering. For those who work with the sun, take advantage with the finance department and work more with the sun. You Scorpios are full of talent, use it and bring it to life in order to overcome those obstacles you keep seeing.

Your lucky numbers: 33, 46, 13, 9

Recommendation: Money Soap (help your finances)


The full moon finally passed which means now is time for you to feel refreshed and be spiritually stronger. As a leader of finances you should take the chance to get a bit more organized with your craft. FYI, there will be big opportunities this month. Don’t get scared and don’t question them. Instead, take those opportunities as they will bring you more abundance. September is your month to feel aligned with life.

Lucky numbers for you: 63, 29, 4, 51

Recommendation: copyallycat Victory Oil (Win at everything ... money, love, success, etc.)


My Capricorns, September is your month to manifest powerful energies and grow spiritually. Don’t stress too much about all the problems you are dealing with, as they will slowly calm down. Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself as a butterfly will join you in this journey of nature. Here’s a little hint, light up a green candle on Thursdays and watch how all your wishes come true every single week.

September lucky numbers: 4, 33, 1, 29

Recommendation: Back Off Spray (Clearly see who are your real friends and who are just ruining your life)


Aquariuses, let’s get up and exercise our minds. As a spiritual psychic horoscope we need to take the chance to play some mind games and exercises. Remember that we can transform our negative mentality into a positive one. This month will be filled with ups and downs. But you already know to not stress out too much because at the end of the day you will be making more money than usual. During this month there will be lots of negations and you will deal with some documents. But everything will be okay so let’s relax a bit. Instead of stressing, take deep breaths and pick up some dumbbells.

Your lucky numbers for September: 67, 11, 53, 3

Recommendation: Witch's Knot Soap (Protect yourself from envy and dark energies)


You lucky son of a bi***! Not only are Pisces receiving the lucky hand of god this month but also the planet Jupiter! You know, right? That this means these upcoming months are perfect for you to get your finances in order. And even try gambling if it’s something you do or want to try. Just be careful! Watch out for fake friends around you as they want to steal from you. My little hint for you is to try and stay well protected. Oh, and try to hang out more with Geminis.

This September’s lucky numbers: 1, 23, 13, 23

Recommendation: Spiritual Spray (3rd eye awakening)

For all our spells, we strongly advise performing a patch test on your skin with a small amount of product to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Our products are never tested on animals. For candle works, we strongly advise reading full descriptions.

If there are any blogs you want me to make or any questions you may have, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to respond to you all.

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