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Monthly Horoscope: June 2023

may 2023 horoscope readings by copyallycat

Money, success, love, happiness. Wondering what the month of June has in store for you? If so, you are at the right place, Here are copyallycat's June 2023 Monthly Horoscope Reading!


My dear Aries, your monthly horoscope reading of June is you time to sit comfortable on your throne. Throughout the year you have worked all your way to the top and now you are finally able to enjoy it. Take advantage of this success and utilize this time of summer to come up with more ideas that can bring you income for the future. For you, this June is all about abundance, richness, and enjoying the sunlight. Here’s a little tip, during June the fire will cleanse you, so I suggest you go outside and feel the flaring burns of Archangel Metatron. Your time of peace is now! Your lucky number this month is: 46.

Recommendation: Goodbye Black Magic Spray (protection and gets rid of evil energies)


For Taurus this month of June is all about spending time alone and analyzing your surroundings a bit more. Before you make any plans, ask yourself “ who would join me in my journey”. This month will show you the true colors of “friendships and quality”. Your Guardian Angel will remind you that sometimes it is okay to walk a lonely path. But don’t worry too much. As some doors close (cycles) others doors (opportunities) will open. Your lucky number this month is: 16

Recommendation: Dragon's Blood Oil (for spiritual protection)


If you’ve been dreaming of working with more than just one archangel then this is your time to do so. Michael and Lavender will educate you on how to be more at peace and how to stop holding any grudges. If you know about or (for some reason) still talk to those who wronged you in the past, you will soon find out that they will receive their “karma”. Here’s my little tip, keep in mind that there are many things you need to focus on. So don’t waste your energy on unnecessary things or people. Instead, pay more attention to positive changes, light up a candle every now and then, seek spiritual guidance and try choosing better friends. Also, try to find people who are just as invested in spirituality as you are. This month's lucky number is: 27.

Recommendation: Spiritual Spray (third eye awakening)


I’m calling you out on your monthly horoscope reading! For the love of life, please pick up that call (phone call or email) regarding future opportunities. That opportunity is no coincidence, it is your spirit guide giving you a chance to grow more financially. So don’t ignore them!! They only want to make sure that you are prospering in life and preparing you for what’s to come the month of July. Here’s a little hint, if things happen to get a little complicated just know that it is Archangel Gaia who is planning to educate you. Archangel Gaia just wants you to know that “challenges are also life lessons”. This month of June will bring you lots of new beginnings. Your luck number is: 1.

Recommendation: Saint Michael Handmade Soap (protection against evil)


June is your time to prosper to the full extend. This month is all about growth, financial improvements and cutting ties with this memberships you no longer use (streaming platforms, gym, food delivery, etc.) June is a good time to get organized and see what methods work best for you in order to successfully save money. Even if things get a little hectic, remember that Archangel Sandalphone will be right there to accompany you and make sure that you are at peace throughout this month of June. Remember that communication is key. Your lucky number this month is: 33.

Recommendation: copyallycat Victory Oil (attracts success)


Lucky you! Opportunities will be knocking your doors left and right this whole month. I don’t know how to say this but PLEASE do not ignore these opportunities. Take advantage of this moment because they are meant for you to shine. June is your time to get organized and let go of any kind of immature decisions you keep making. It doesn’t matter if it’s regarding work or love; just stop repeating your same mistakes. and just so you know, Archangel Uriel will help you restore your life balance and will help you silence your enemies. Love is the way for everything. Your lucky number is: 6.

Recommendation: Academic Spray (helps you concentrate and make better decisions)


Your monthly horoscope reading for June is screaming at you to pack your bags and go on a well deserved vacation. Take this moment to relax and see your family members. They need you to be part of the family just a bit more. Try to utilize this time to form better relationships and strengthen your communication with them. And don’t stress out too much about it as Archangel Gersisa will help you build that spiritual foundation. Try to get creative when it comes to your work. Your lucky number this month is: 3.

Recommendation: Back Off Spray (Pushes away fake friends so you can concentrate on those who are important)


I can’t believe I get to say this to my Scorpios but those toxic vibes are finally coming off this month. Thank the lord! This is a good time to finally take the advice from Archangel Jeremiel whom will help you learn by making you go through different challenges. What I meant but this is that if you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing, then June is a good time for you to stop. Here’s a little hint. Don’t stress out too much about your finances as things will start to get better. Remember the important of self discipline. You lucky number this month is: 41.

Recommendation: Academic Spray (helps you concentrate and make better decisions)


Get yourself together! This month of June is about coming up with a better plan in order to be successful the following month. Hear my little tip for you. You need to stop being so negative. Your negative mentality is not helping you. It is only attracting more negativity and weakening your spiritual gifts. You need to realize that you can only create the life you’ve always wanted if you have a positive mindset. Don’t let this month bring you down! And don’t try to cheat your way out of things. Archangel Zariel is watching you and her will make sure you are following the rules. Let go of your toxic behavior! This month’s lucky number is: 14

Recommendation: Aphrodite Soap (increases self love and positivity aka helps you believe in yourself)


Congratulations! June will bring you the money you so much desire. From promotions coming at you left and right to more job opportunities. Your monthly horoscope reading for June says life will allow you to succeed without your enemies even noticing! Now is the perfect time to show you are a strong spiritual individual. Don't overthink your skills too much as Archangel Faith will accompany you to make sure you believe in yourself at all times. Your lucky number this month is: 63.

Recommendation: Money Soap (you're already attracting money so why not double it)


Your childhood career will now sky-rocket to the next level. Yes, you read that right. Your dreams will soon start becoming a reality. All those ‘failure’ moments you endured were not really a failure but a lesson for you. It was a sign for you to come up with other ideas. Here’s my little tip for you. It doesn’t matter who you’re holding a conversation with, just stay silent about your projects. Jealous people exist everywhere and they hate the idea of someone succeeding. Instead, utilize this time wisely. You are now moving on to better things especially in the financial aspect. Remember that it’s okay to fail. You just have to try again. Your lucky number is: 4.

Recommendation: Block Buster Oil (get rid of any obstacles heading your way)


Lucky you. This month of June is all about the commitments you have worked so hard on finally becoming a long time thing. This means that you cannot back out now. Yes, this will cause you a bunch of stress but that is the purpose of commitment … whether it is having a job, a business, a relationship etc. Despite being the last horoscope, this month of June is all about opening closing old doors and opening new ones. Archangel Raguel will help you solve the majority of your problems so keep going no matter what. Please follow your dreams. Your lucky number this month is: 85.

Recommendation: Open Roads Candle Service (helps unblock all types of obstacles and negativity which helps you obtain the job you desire, grab more attraction, and overall bring more opportunities and prosperity).

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