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Monthly Horoscope: August 2023

may 2023 horoscope readings by copyallycat

Luck, money, success, love, happiness. Wondering what the month of July has in store for you? If so, you are at the right place, Here are copyallycat's August 2023 Monthly Horoscope Readings!


It seems like FINALLY your financial problems are out the door. Now you can awaken more luck and prosperity in your life. Don’t be too impatient as you hard work will pay off soon. Here’s a little tip, use all those benefits that you worked so hard for to racked up. If you’ve been saving for a big purchase (like a home), August is the time to start moving forward with your plan. Your spiritual journey is also awaiting. Try lighting up a green candle on Fridays for more luck and money flow.

Your August lucky numbers: 87, 96, 27

Recommendation: Dragon's Blood Oil (for spiritual protection and cleansing purposes)


I know how much you’ve been waiting for this. Luck is finally on your side! Be prepared to use that luck in casinos or for fixing any type of car problems you may be having. Be careful when it comes to your love life as pressure and immaturity will be sure to make themselves present. Choose wisely who you want to stay with. Try to always think logically. The year is almost ending and August is the time to take your health seriously.

This month’s lucky numbers: 3, 19, 71

Recommendation: Open Roads Candle (unblock all obstacles and destroy negativity)


No matter who or what you say, do not let anyone bring you down. You just have to do what you like/want. Practice the religion you want and engage in the business partnerships you like. August is your time to speak up & practice finding balance in your world. You may feel like you are having to take too many decisions but this is normal. Remember that it is okay to cry. Just remember to not don’t give up.

Abundance awaits but just as a reminder not to overspend it or payoff your debt. Now is time to outgrow bad habits regarding money problems.

Lucky numbers 88, 57, 7

Recommendation: copyallycat Victory Oil (for victory in love, money, success, etc.)


PLEASE TAKE A BREAK! You have the money to take a break. Use it wisely to go out and explore what the universe has to offer. This August is your month for reunions and for new starts. Just remember to watch out for fake people that may be roaming around you and your property. Now is your time to be at peace. Try practicing some meditation.

This month's lucky numbers: 6, 46, 74

Recommendation: Money Candle Service (attract even more money to you life)


Hello my beautiful lions! Rise & shine because August will bring you lots of love, pregnancies and new life changing opportunities. Your waiting time is finally over. Soon you will catch yourself being able to enjoy everything that is in your path. Here’s my little tip for you. Try to decorate your home a bit more. I am seeing that it needs a little touch up. If you listen to what I said, you’ll soon find yourself attracting more luck into your home.

Your lucky numbers: 37, 44, 99

Recommendation: Dragon's Blood Oil (for spiritual protection and cleansing purposes)


Virgo PLEASE stand your ground! I know there are a lot of thing you want to know but let me tell you that you won’t get anywhere if you remain still. Seek and you will find the answers you have been eager to know. But these answers can only be found outside your home. So go out! Your reading indicates trouble and drama emerging from the unknown. All I can say is that you need to brace yourself because this war is just starting. But there is no need to worry too much because at the end of the day you’ll still be victorious.

August lucky numbers: 10, 33, 56

Recommendation: Witch's Knot Soap (protect against dark energies, return curses, etc.)


It’s time to learn to accept and adapt to changes. Trust me, they are good for you. August is your awakening period and if you don’t learn to adapt you may be lead yourself to more potential failures. There are some project waiting for you … do not wait until the last minute. Take this chance to analyze your life, more specifically finances. Act like the adult you know you are.

Your lucky numbers are: 61, 48, 63.

Recommendation: Academic Spray (helps you concentrate and make smarter decision)


I know you’ve had a hard time but it is finally time to heal and learn to move on by yourself. Trust me, you don’t need that person next to you anymore. You will only find yourself staying behind if you stay with them as they are weighing you down with them. It’s okay to move on regardless of what people may think. Here’s my little tip for you, Do not worry too much about the emotions attached to that person as you’ll be victorious when you move on. Try to pay more attention to music because it will sooth everything out for you.

You August lucky numbers: 32, 41, 4

Recommendation: Soothing Spray (helps calm the mind, reduce stress, ease anxiety, etc.)


I see you are doing everything you can to hold on to a path that is not meant for you … at least not right now. You need to let go of said path in order to find the real paths your destiny has in store for you. August is here and now is the time to look forward. Between now and December you will realize why you always walk a lonely road. Trust me, it’s for your own good. You really don’t need to bring anyone with you. Your intuition is warning you that not everyone is your friend. It’s best if you keep certain people away.

You lucky numbers this August: 22, 14 , 5

Recommendation: Academic Spray (helps you concentrate and make smarter decision)


You are always walking a path full of grace. If you pay close attention as you continue this journey, you will see how god illuminates more paths for you to choose from. During this month of August you will have fresh starts awaiting for you (new home, new employment, etc). This month you do not need to stress too much. No matter which path you choose, god will continue to bless you with abundance.

Your lucky numbers: 1, 91 , 93

Recommendation: copyallycat Victory Oil (for victory in love, money, success, etc.)


Let me congratulate you as your dreams are just now becoming a reality. The career you wishes as a child is now becoming a part of your life. Patience is key. Your desires will appear in your life as contracts. Remember that Saint Michael is here to destroy any enemies that try to interfere between you and your destined path. Here’s a little tip, your physical health is just as important as your mental health. August is the perfect opportunity for you to work on your appearances. Be unique. Stand out. Soon you will notice others calling you a ‘beauty’.

Your lucky numbers this month are: 2, 67, 11

Recommendation: Siete Machos Soap (for attraction, success, abundance, etc.)


Lucky you! Your time is here. It’s time to shine and be rich! August is literally the perfect month for you. Any business negations on your way are now at your favor. Remember that your spirit guides are working with you. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the most important thing ... new manifestation powers and life adventures are waiting for you.

Your lucky numbers this August are: 55,8 and 66.

Recommendation: Dragon's Blood Oil (for spiritual protection and cleansing purposes)

For all our spells, we strongly advise performing a patch test on your skin with a small amount of product to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Our products are never tested on animals. For candle works, we strongly advise reading full descriptions.

If there are any blogs you want me to make or any questions you may have, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to respond to you all.

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