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Monthly Horoscope: October 2023

copyallycat October 2023 Horoscope

Your October 2023 horoscope is finally here! Luck, money, success, love, happiness ... see what the stars have aligned for you. Here are copyallycat's October 2023 Monthly Horoscope Readings!


Welcome to the month of October. You guys will now be experiencing new start. New beginnings, new lovers, and all overall new movements. Holiday season is around the corner so buckle up for some self-time. Not to mention there will be a special person waiting for you at the front door … it has to do with spiritual partnerships.

Your lucky number for this month: 27

Recommendation: Love Roller


My dear bulls, you are finally allowing movements, embarking in new relationships and overall dominating everything life throws at you. The perfect month is here for promotions or moving. this applies to both jobs and your home. Remember, October signifies 'one' which indicates new things not old ones. Remember to take good care of your skin because your fragile skin may struggle with the upcoming climate changes. Your intuition will be super strong this month because Scorpio is right below you. Please don’t stomp on them!

Your lucky numbers is: 22

Recommendation: Dragon's Blood Oil


October is the perfect month for harmony. Not only are you accomplishing your career goals/dreams but I can see your love life thriving as well! Take this chance to work out and try to stick to a healthier meal plan. You will thank me later. During this month you will be able to feel the greatness and the light that you deserve. As the twin horoscope remember to always think twice. Be careful when signing or leaving someone. Don't be hasty with your decisions and instead think about it thoroughly.

This month’s lucky number: 67

Recommendation: Goodbye Black Magic Spray


Hello lucky priestess. Let me congratulate you as you are about to awaken a new flow of income. Not only are you able to receive lots of money, but also abundance and wealth in any way you can imagine. This is meant to help you out, especially in your times of need or when facing problems with debt. Make sure to share some of that money with your loved ones and watch how God will provide you with more.

Your lucky number this October: 26

Recommendation: Money Roller


My dear lions, this October you will be showered with lots of luck! Not only are you pairing up with the Aquarius horoscope, but I see a 'double' between you. What I am trying to say is that I see double money, double luck, and double prosperity! Just remember to always take small breaks because you need to stay at the same pace as the Aquarius sign. Oh, before I forget, you will also experience your spirituality growing.

Your lucky number: 37

Recommendation: Spiritual Spray


Get ready for strong manifestations and lots of reflection periods during October. For you this month is about awakening, new journeys and money. Just remember to accept everything that’s given to you ... yes, even the smallest details. You will thank me later . October has a lot love, money and prosperity to offer. Just make sure to spend time with mother nature.

This month's lucky number: 47

Recommendation: Break Free Spray


It is time to spend quality time with your partner and loved ones. This is the month for transportation and traveling. There will be lots of movements or a chance for you guys to do multiple things all at once. Get ready your traveling friendly products and watch how the car rides / flight will be favorable. Remember to get a bit creative.

Your lucky numbers: 3

Recommendation: Florida Water

Scorpio: Quick reminder that for you specifically, October represents manifestation. This is your time to shine but keep in mind that patience is key. Everything will happen at its destined pace. I urge you to finish the month with stability. If you do so, you will soon be able to enjoy your finances. Try to not take our your card every time you see something nice! Instead, think things thoroughly before making an impulsive purchase.

Your lucky number: 8

Recommendation: Soothing Spray


Hello my independent arrows. You all are now going to experience the positive karma of life. Despite the coldness and strong winds heading you way, your fire will be strong enough to remain unharmed. Just remember to have good communication with everyone and stop hiding your feelings! I see lots of compatibly with Leos.

Your lucky number: 33

Recommendation: Witch's Knot Soap


First and foremost, it is time to take your health seriously. I understand holiday season is almost here, but that is not an excuse to neglect your health by eating unhealthy. I'm seeing that your kidneys are at their weakest point so make sure to drink plenty of water everyday. And try to changes to your lifestyle / diet into a healthier one. If you're careful, you will be able to enjoy lots of positive things next month. This is a good time to face reality.

Your October lucky number: 5

Recommendation: Siete Machos Shampoo


It is your time to experience some of the best moments of you life with your family and loved ones. You will soon encounter a new found passion and meaning to your home. This includes lots of home projects and decoration activities. I do have to warn you to always be careful of who you are allowing in your home. Healing, peace and love is what I see for you throughout October.

Your lucky number: 46


My dear Pisces. Be very careful when it comes to your health this October. While October is a water month, you may experience the dark side of these elements if you let your guard down. Be wary of sharks or any kind of betrayal. You will be called upon Archangel Gabriel as he will guide you to the path you need to follow. Don't be too disappointed about not immediately doing what you want. You will still experience an adventure.

This October's lucky number: 55

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