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What is an Amarre? What does it do and who needs it?

If you find yourself reading this, its probably because somewhere you heard someone talk about a thing called "Amarre”. Now you may be asking yourself what is an Amarre? Where can I buy an Amarre? What do I need to get an Amarre done? If so, you have come to the right place.

What is an Amarre?

An Amarre, also known as a love spell candle work, is the perfect solution for anyone looking to increase the love, strength and overall positivity in a relationship. Often times when people hear the word 'relationship' they immediately assume these services are limited to romantic relationship. Contrary to popular belief, these type of candle work services are meant to strengthen all kinds of relationships including friendship and even family relations.

What do I need in order to get an Amarre / Love Spell Candle Work?

There are three main things needed in order to successfully complete an Amarre / Love Spell Candle Work.

1. The first thing you will need is both you and the other party's full name.

2. You will also need to let the person performing the work know what is it that your heart truly desires. This could mean a stronger relationship, a marriage proposal, better communication or even bring back a person that left you or is cheating on you.

3. And last, but not least, you will need photos that contain both your face and the other party's face. In order for this service to work the best, we are looking for photos without any filters, color correction, etc. In other words, you will need to have a photo with just the raw beauty of the relationship. Most importantly, for those who are looking to get this candle work, it is important to note the pictures must be taken between 30 to 60 days prior to the service requested.

How will I know that my candle service is taking place?

At copyallycat we prioritize communication with our clients. The way we work is, you can go here and schedule any of our candle work services. In this case, you can schedule you Amarre here. After we receive your service request, someone from our team will contact you directly via the email you provided at checkout. Here’s a little tip use a reliable email when checking out! We need a reliable email where we can ask for pictures and any additional details that may be needed. Please note that when our team contacts you, there will be no additional payment necessary. After we receive your photos, it is safe to assume we have started your Amarre.

When will I know that my candle service is done?

A candle service is one of those services were patience is needed from both the client and the person performing the service. An Amarre takes multiple days to complete because it takes more than one day for the candles used to completely burn out. In fact , for some clients, this service takes almost 2 weeks. This time frame depends on variables such as how many orders we have, how fast you reply to our emails, how fast your candle burns, etc.

If you happen to have any questions during your service, you can message us on our site and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will contact you when the whole service has been completed. You can expect to receive a spell completed update, accompanied by photos directly to the phone number you provided at checkout. Just like with the email your provide, please make sure to use a reliable phone number when checking out.

What if an Amarre / Love Spell Candle Work Service is not available?

No need to worry! We recommend checking our website or our social media accounts (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) on a daily basis to be the first to know about any updates. If you want try something before our Amarres, you can find multiple love spells on our website. They are each unique in their own way but ultimately help you overcome different love obstacles you may have. You may want to try our iconic "Love Roller Spell", our new best-seller "Aphrodite Oil", our "Aphrodite Soap" which is one of our newest products or try all three with our "Lust Combo". So don’t be afraid to check out our online shop which is always open!

Have you heard of amarres? If so, have you ever tried or wanted to try getting one? Let us know in the comments!
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