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Monthly Horoscope: November 2023

copyallycat October 2023 Horoscope

Your November 2023 horoscope is finally here! Luck, money, success, love, happiness ... see what the stars have aligned for you. Here are copyallycat's November 2023 Monthly Horoscope Readings!


For you November is the perfect month for finance and security changes. Know that if you were struggling before due to financial and security issues, those will go away this month. This is because November represents the number 11 which is often associated with Archangel Michael who represents justice and protection. You are the first zodiac sign and as the leader you must lead the team. Many opportunities are heading your way. Just remember to start making or continue to follow a routine that works for you. Not your family, not your friends but YOU. I also see some extra shifts / job opportunities knocking your door.


November is finally here! And the best part about this month is that you will be starting new projects and sharing / enjoying them with other fellow Taurus. We all know bulls are hardheaded and I see you tend to love yourself the most our. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you want in life. This can set back those who wish to get married soon but it is a good thing for those who wish to focus on their careers and themselves. I see many Taurus going back to school and, if this is your case, make sure to take advantage of it.

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My dear Gemini. You are an air element and often forget to come down every once in a while. I see you still have some healing left to do. Remember that healing is a mandatory process you have to go through. You may often feel like no one understands you and this is because you truly are the only one who can understand yourself. This is because your sign represents twins which means you come with more than one pack. Of course, this also means you have double power and do twice as much thinking. Use your two brains to pay more attention to yourself and those around you. Ah, and remember that during November the King of Swords will be here to set order while keeping things fair.

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Your childhood dream is now becoming a reality! I know you feel very stressed but that’s totally normal! Cancer, you are the teacher of the zodiac so it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone has the ability to think the way you do. And that’s totally okay! It’s just that you are unique in your own way. Here’s a little tip, if you are hanging out with someone who you think dislikes you, STOP hanging out with them! Ah, and start preparing mentally as I see new projects heading your way! So take those projects to your advantage!

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Decisions, decisions and more decisions. You will soon encounter lots of situations where you’ll have to make decisions but don’t worry. Whether it’s a money or work related decision, you will be fine since no matter what you pick you will be fine. For you the month of November is all about exploring different paths and learning what works best for you. Here’s a little tip, stop oversharing your life. There’s always someone out there trying to make your plans fail. The lion is associated with strength and fire. Take this opportunity to go outside and renew your energies.

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Lucky you! Archangel Michael will be accompanying you in your journey this month to protect you from any diseases and evil! I see you taking charge during this month of November and doing so will benefit you by allowing you to have healthy boundaries with your peers. I know that you all have been misunderstood for a very long time. Now Archangel Michael will be the one protection you as you continue to work for your dreams and your family. I also see lots of virgo starting to come to light and gaining fame. So, if you have a small business, now is the time to try and become bigger!

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I see you are the operating battery in your life and in the life of others. I also see you never stopping to recharge. What I’m trying to say is that you need to take your health seriously. I know you are the only one who takes care of you and on top of that you are the one who also takes care of others. It is why I urge you that during this month of November you take time to care about your emotional, physical and spiritual self.

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My Scorpios … I have both good news and bad news for you! For starters, I see money you didn’t expect heading your way *yay*. But I also see that there may be some relationships which will be going out the door. But let me just tell you, do not worry too much. At the end of the day, you’ll be okay because money is a necessity. I guarantee you’ll encounter future relationships later in life. Here’s a little tip, you need to prioritize your career.

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My dear Sagittarius … you have a lot to offer. Whether it’s strength, luck, or pride, you have the ability to offer that to others. For those of you who have been struggling with a court case, don’t worry too much as you will soon find yourself victorious with a successful outcome. I can see you have an Aquarius sign next to you who is pressuring you to turn your dreams into a reality. Use this opportunity to think like an Aquarius. Be a bit spontaneous and creative and you’ll soon enjoy upgrades in life. At the end of the day, the year is about to end and what you do this month can affect your 2024 January. Keep in mind that karma exists and that life cycles repeat themselves.

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We all know 2023 is ending soon BUT don’t let your guard down because the year is still not over! You will soon be experiencing huge amounts of energies coming in left and right. As God’s favorite creature on this world, you are chosen to have structure, routines and money. Unfortunately, when you lose or let go one of those qualities you tend to experience money losses. So take this chance to save your money because whatever you do now will affect your 2024. But if you save money not only will you enjoy it but your loved ones will too.

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The year 2023 is about to end yet there is still a special gift waiting just for you. You still have a thoughtful ‘contract’ ready to be signed. This’ contract’ can appear in your life as winnings, court-related cases, paperwork, a new car, a new home etc. Here’s a little tip for you. Justice is often associated with the number 11. The month of November as well as Archangel Michael represent that exact number. (911 represents 9+1+1=11). I other words, you can expect to hear positive news all month long. You may find yourself also starting new work or a new hobby that can developed into more income.

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I am so proud of you! Just look back at everything you have accomplished so far this year! Not only have you started water shifting but I see you are now dedicated to finding your purpose in life. As the fish in the sea you don’t know when to settle down. This isn’t necessarily a big issue but just know that as an empath you tend to carry those energies everywhere. Your energies may cause people to not want to be around you for a prolonged period of time. As the ending cycle horoscope please remember to close all doors behind you and to allow new shifts.

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