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Monthly Horoscope: November 2022


What a beautiful month for positive changes, new projects, new friendships, new everything, etc. If you have been waiting for any job promotions, it is finally coming! (So don’t stress too much about it.) You will get what you desire. As a friendly reminder, watch out when it comes to your attitude. Trust me, this is not the month you want to make new enemies.

Spell Recommendation: copyallycat's Victory Oil


You will be getting your prayers answered real soon. November is all about meditating, strategizing and walking out victorious from a war. However, you must know your limits. You must know that you cannot allow anyone to walk the same path as you.

Spell Recommendation: Spiritual Roller


This month is about learning to never go back to toxic relationships or environments. November will test you to see if you have learned your lesson. The energies will be strong and chaotic meaning be prepared for a long 30 day battle.

Spell Recommendation: Deep Cleanse Spray


It is time to patch things up with your family members. No matter what situation you dealt with, it is time to forgive. Even if they are the ones who did you “wrong”. As a human, we all make mistakes. The key term for this month is “patience’ and “forgiveness”. Oh! And light up a blue candle for Saint Michael every Sunday. He will help you overcome the obstacles you are currently dealing with.

Spell Recommendation: Spiritual Spray


November is all about spiritual journey and having a bumpy month full of bad energies. This month is about “testing your skills” and “having weird dreams”. For those who were having bad luck with love it will soon resolve on its own. That’s just how the universe works. Meditate if you need too. Maybe even try some breathing exercises.

Spell Recommendation: Love Roller


You are NOT done yet! This month is about twist and turns (and life will bring in some money). November is about closing doors and learning to leave everything in the past. I promise you that if you leave everything behind, it wont follow you on the year of 2023.

Spell Recommendation: Good Luck Spray


Your financial problems is finally ending this month. November is about repairing your finances and not lending any more money to your peers. Let them help themselves. That is the reason you are short on money in the first place! Also, double check your bank statements and see if they are not stealing any money from you. Lastly, there’s going to be a lot of traveling this month so make sure to get that oil change.

Spell Recommendation: Academic Spray


You need to get your head back in the game. There have been many issues since the year started. But listen … everything will be okay. It is all about making sudden moves and throwing away unnecessary things from your home. If you were thinking about getting a makeover, do so. Be organized. Unfortunately, the only thing I can recommend you is to continue to cleanse yourself.

Spell Recommendation: Deep Cleanse Spray

You might still want to wear your protection bracelets.


What a good month to renew your energies by spending more time with your friends and family. Let them spoil you. Let them take over your sadness. Allow them to take you out. As far as finances, your hard work is finally paying off!

Spell Recommendation: Open Roads Spray


What a beautiful month for you start your finances and relationship fresh. November is about stability. Rekindling relationships and letting go off fears. So with that being said, don’t stress about it.

Spell Recommendation: Aphrodite Oil


It is your turn to finally release all of those negative energies once and for all. November is about prospering and overcoming every single obstacles. For those who are in a bad relationship you guys may end up breaking up. Also, it is time to have healthy boundaries with your friends. No means no. Oh! And one more thing … stop repeating the same mistakes!

Spell Recommendation: Dominance Roller


Stop being such a flirt, you are going to end having two partners by the end of the month. (I mean … unless that’s what you want *I don’t judge* haha.) Anyways, this month is about traveling and having so much success. For those who have been wanting to get pregnant expect some good news. Also, promotions!!!

Spell Recommendation: Back Off Spray

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