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Monthly Horoscope: October 2022


Time to retreat and analyze situations with your income. It is not a good time for you to take any risks, especially with your finances. This month is about setting yourself up for goals and avoiding laziness. Don’t repeat previous mistakes. Overall, think before acting. Your lucky numbers this month are 41 and 42.

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Your monthly horoscopes is about discovering and realizing that not everyone is there for you. Expect rejections and break ups. For those who are single, you’ll find a new potential partner that will make you happy. Actions and positive changes awaits. Your lucky numbers this month are 2 and 15.

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This month is going to be tough in regards to your health. Make some time to set up doctors appointments for your hormones, kidneys or brain. Do not let it slide. Do not repeat previous cycle. October is a good month for love. There will be a lot of reassurance, progress and abundance. Your lucky numbers this month are 2 and 52.

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Time to make some changes. October is the perfect time to distance yourself and focus on you. Be a little selfish and take the risk to go back home. Opportunities await for you no matter what. The 3rd week of October will be your best week. Your lucky numbers this month are 19 and 4.

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It is time to rise my dear lions. You’ll soon be getting out of that rainy cloud and find yourself walking in a sunny journey. Traveling, promotions, new job offers will be waiting for you. Remember you must not fear the unknown. Meditate and ground yourself. Avoid conflicts on the road and especially at your job. There could be robberies. Your lucky numbers this month are 2 and 32.

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Virgos, it is finally the month to catch a break. You deserved it! All of that hard work is finally paying off. Your talents are being recognized by your superiors. Keep up the good work and soon you will no longer stress about finances. Also, follow your guts, your intuition. A lot of hidden truth will come to light. Your lucky numbers for this month are 15 and 37.

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October is your month! What a good time for you guys to spend time with the family. A good time to win in court. A good time for positive changes. Trust yourself and the universe will guarantee you happiness. Also, take good care of your bones. There could be a slight chance you may break a leg (literally not in figurative speech) or an arm. This month you lucky number is 8.

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Your hidden abilities will come to light. This month is about forgiving and not allowing people to come back to your life. Your lesson is about following your intuition a little more. Don’t ignore yourself because if you do, evil awaits outside your door. Your lucky numbers for this month are 12 and 31.

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You might also want to wear some protection bracelets.


Your cards indicate that you still feel like the world is against you. The more you continue to have that mindset the more you’ll be stuck in that loop. The life lesson for October is to close cycles and avoid reopening them. Sooner or later you’re going to be okay … sooner than you think. Your lucky numbers this month are 6 and 21.


Unexpected changes await. Be prepared for a battle that could last you up to November. However, don’t think that the universe is against you because this month is about extra money. A friend or a family member will help you to embrace new ideas/projects. This person will make sure that you have money for the remaining of the year. Abundance awaits! Your lucky numbers are 45 and 3.

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This month is about slow transitions in regards to finances and opportunities. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have it bad. Someone from a distance is keep tabs on you. Someone wants you. Someone wants to use your talents for their benefits. Try manifesting a little bit more with meditation. Your lucky numbers are 9 and 31 for this month.

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FINALLY! Your bad luck ends this month! This month is about positive changes and new journeys, especially with your love life. And as a friendly reminder ground yourself a bit more. Touch base with Mother Nature so that she can return the same favor back. Also, be careful with your enemies, they are plotting revenge on you. Your lucky numbers this month are 1 and 26.

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