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September 2022 Horoscope


Take a break! Restorative rest is what you need in order to improve your health. This month of September is all about making positive changes in your life and learning when to retreat from tough situations. In order to win a fight you must stand your ground and think before taking any actions. Just like last month, be mature with what you do. I know you want to manifest things but you must remember to always be patient. You and those around you know how loyal you are but you must avoid involving yourself in fights that do not directly affect you.

Spell Recommendation: Soothing Roller Spell


More than half the year is over so it is time for your hard work to be recognized by your peers. Continue working hard and improving yourself so that your wallet can grow with you. During August you were supposed to save money. September is the perfect month for you to have a good time and spoil yourself. You worked for it. You deserve it. This month there will be previous love interest coming back to you. Just know that it is totally your choice whether or not you want to reconnect with that person.

Spell Recommendation: Money & Love Combo


Last month you worked hard in order to remain calm and not evoke any negative emotions. Now, happiness awaits for you! September is such a good month to get engaged (or even married). Just make sure that before you say “I do”, take your time to fully think about the sacrifices and issues that may come between you guys. For my single Geminis, that temporary job you have been wishing to turn into something more will become permanent positions!

Spell Recommendation: Spiritual Roller Spell


Last month I told you not to make any risky decisions - especially when it came to major investments. It is now time to hold yourself accountable for your own actions. If you made a bad investment, please stop and do not make the same mistake twice. If you were victim of an unfair event, be patient because justice will come to light. Also, stop trying to balance everything by multitasking! Ask for help if you need it.

Spell Recommendation: Justice Roller Spell


More challenges are coming your way! Think before your act. This month of September will be a bit bumpy and some may even face through tougher battles. For those who are always going to court, make sure to do research and get the facts right. On Fridays light up Saint Michael Candles for protection purposes and for justice to come to light.


August was the month for you to start working towards your goals/desires. September is also a good month for you! Say goodbye to bad luck and hello to the mighty power. September is your month to grow and to finally go out of town to meet your friends. Leave everything in the past. I strongly recommend you light up a candle called “Open Roads and Bayberry”. Don’t forget to allow prosperity and fresh ideas guide you to better income.

Spell Recommendation: Academic Roller Spell


Last month you did a lot of healing. During September your bad luck will finally start fading away. The battle has finally ended and now you will notice opportunities come in pretty quickly. It is your time to get organized. This month will bring you new promotions/job opportunities. Take the offer you think is the best.

Spell Recommendation: Open Roads Spray Spell


You did your best protecting yourself from your enemies last month. This month’s keywords for you are ‘teamwork’ and ‘recognition’. It is finally your month to shine! Finally you left those pesky bad energies in the past and now you’ll be walking into abundance. For those who went through a rough patch, you must accept defeat and simply allow September to bring you the spotlight you deserved.

Spell Recommendation: Spring Break Combo


You lucky horoscope! I know August wasn’t the friendliest with you in terms of your love life but September is finally here. Not only will you receive some extra income but you will notice your love life blossom. I see my Sagittarius partying, getting promoted, finding new lovers. Overall I see you living full of happiness. For those who were already dating, go out and have some fun.

Spell Recommendation: Aphrodite Oil


I’m hoping you left your enemies in August because what awaits for you this September is growth! It is a good month for you to think about a job change and to start taking other offers into consideration. Go with the flow and you will be fine. For my single Capricorn, you need to keep working on yourself. Learn to heal even if it is at a slow pace. You must learn to value yourself in order to be valued by the next person that comes around — especially because that person is the special person for you.

Spell Recommendation: Deep Cleanse Spray Spell


I hope you are ready for some great news because this month is your month to grow financially. No more stress. No more living paycheck to paycheck. Not only does September bring prosperity in your finances but also to your love life. This month your love life will be enhanced to the fullest. Also, it is time to go for walks and enjoy mother nature. Light up a pink candle and try to walk barefoot outside to help renew your energies.

Spell Recommendation: copyallycat's Florida Water


STOP PROCRASTINATING! If there is one month were you work extra hard it better be this month. September will bring you extra income and relieve your stress but only if you work for it. Allow this abundance to make you happy and you will be just fine!

Spell Recommendation: copyallycat's Victory Oil

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