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Monthly Horoscope: May 2023

may 2023 horoscope readings by copyallycat

Have you been wondering what this month has in store for you? Well look no further! You have found the right place. Here are my Horoscope readings for the month of May. As always, by yours truly (copyallycat).


My dear Aries … I hate to be the bearer of bad news but welcome to the toughest moment of your life. But don’t be too disappointed as the month of May will bring you clarity and stability. During this month, all your enemies will come to light and you’ll soon realize who are your real friends are. Here’s a little tip for you. Don’t depend on anyone but yourself. Archangel Jeremiel is testing you to see if you are understanding your challenges. Just think of this month as your healing time. Your lucky number this month: 66

Soap Recommendation: Saint Michael Handmade Soap (protection against evil/enemies)


My dear bulls I know you are awakening new projects and even new romances! May is the perfect month for you to be happy, to try new things, to go out and to catch up with some friends from your past. Your Archangel Faith is telling me to tell you to not to give up on faith. Remember that without faith you are lost. Here's a little tip, as the mother of nature your oracle cards are telling you to be leader. Yes, be a boss. Be someone who takes charge. I promise you people will look up to you. Lucky number: 81

Spell Recommendation: Glow Me Up Roller (enhance self-love/confidence)


FINALLY! All your troubles are finally leaving and now you will soon awaken the achievements you were eagerly waiting for. Your May 2023 Horoscope says right now is the perfect month for you. Use this month to show your true colors and be vibrant about everything. Here’s a little tip for you, try to wear more blue and I promise you you’ll be scoring every game. Archangel Raguel is informing you to be fair with everyone. Oh, and let’s not forget to be patient. If you are not patient, you will end up losing many things. You lucky number this month is are: 2

Soap Recommendation: Coconut Soap (for prosperity and good luck)


The karma that was following you is finally coming to an end *YAYYY*! You have finally paid off your debt so now you can focus on things such as work, money, family, etc. Here’s my tip for you this month, try to go out at night for a walk. The stars are going to help you cleanse yourself. You’ll be surprised by just how much the stars will make you shine again. Think of this as your rebirth — yes, is really a thing. For you, May will also be a time to close some doors and open new ones. Your lucky number this month is: 16

Spell Recommendation: Open Roads Spray (for abundance and good luck)


Omg, Leo this is YOUR vacation time! Now is a good time for you to go on vacation and enjoy some sunlight. Take the month of May as your opportunity to go out. Trust me, you are going to need it. Oh, and guess what? I’m so glad to tell you that your finances will slowly start to improve. Here’s a little recommendation for this month, try to meditate and wear more purple. Doing so will help you with your psychic abilities. Use this for your advantage and you’ll even be able to teach others. Your lucky number is: 63

Spell Recommendation: Spriritual Spray (eliminate obstacles and awaken third eye)


Play “Money” by Cardi B or something because this month of May is all about MONEY! You read that right, money all month long! During May your financial problems will be leaving and you’ll be able to save for what you need/want. But be careful! Because you still need to be careful with your finances. If you manage to do so, during June you’ll walk out successful and debt free. This month of May is all about spirituality and seeking a spiritual animal who will join you in this journey. Take for example a unicorn. Here’s my little tip for you, this month involves a lot of changes so don’t be too shocked when those changes happen. Your lucky number is: 56

Soap Recommendation: Money Soap (grab attention, bring prosperity)


My Libras, get ready for a battle. For you, this month of May is all about creating structure. I know, not many people will be happy about it but this method is going to help you become successful by the end of June. Even if these changes you implement make others mad or jealous, just ignore them. These changes are for you not for them. And don’t worry too much about the battle I mentioned earlier as Archangel Metatron will make sure you are victorious and rich. Abundance awaits for you this month of May! Your lucky number for May is: 88

Recommendation: Cruz De Caravaca Spiritual Water (Blesses family and attracts wealth)


May is a good month for you! This month will bring you happiness along with family reunions! May will bring you the comfort that you seek. All your worries will be leaving and the sunlight will bring you the happiness you deserve. Remember that you are a Scorpio which means you simultaneously represent water and fire. This is why you feel like no one truly understands you. But you know what that’s fine because you don’t need anyone else but yourself. Archangel Raziel is waiting for your wish to come true. Try to pray to him and he will fulfilled it. Your lucky number this May is: 27

Spell Recommendation: Soothing Spray (Calm the mind, eliminate black magic )


May is your time to rest and move on with your life. Make sure to leave everything negative in the past especially the people who fill your life with negativity. Also remember to transition yourself into better things such as peace and love. Archangel Lavender awaits for your prayers. Here’s my hint for you. Please take care of your health because I see you stumbling if you don’t take care. For this month, your lucky number is: 71

Spell Recommendation: copyallycat Victory Oil (attract money, love, win court battles, etc.)


Capricorn, May is the perfect time to make some money moves and get a better job. If needed, start that job search before it’s too late! For you, May is all about promotions, making more income, changing jobs, etc. It’s all about finding way to make you more money this month. Archangel Mary wants you to be gentle and have compassion for others. Almost forgot to tell you this but, now that we are almost at the middle of the year, your karma is completed. This month's lucky number: 10

Soap Recommendation: Aphrodite Soap (increase self-love, grab more attention)


All Aquarius should be happy that almost middle of the year is gone! Because now is your time to shine! Be rich, do more business proposals and be more stable. Everything positive will be heading your way. It is finally the month you have been looking for so make sure to treasure it! Here’s a little tip, have an open heart. If you do so, you will end this amazing moth in a positive way. Your lucky number this month is : 93

Spell Recommendation: Goodbye Black Magic (protects from envy and negative energies)


My dear pisces, you hard work is finally paying off *YAYYY*. Now you are walking with money bags in each of your hands. Wealth is here and it’s ready for you to save it … or spend it! It’s your choice. Archangel Aurora is now waiting for your new beginnings. Here’s a little tip, try to wear more yellow and pink. You’ll thank me later. This month's lucky number is: 14

Spell Recommendation: Academic Spray (protects from bad energies, improves concentration)

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