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Monthly Horoscope: March 2023

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

How is it that we are already in the middle of March?! Have you been wondering what the rest of this month has in store for you? Well look no further! You have found the right place. Here are my Horoscope readings for the remainder of this month. As always, by yours truly (copyallycat).


Buckle up because the remainder of this month will bring you nothing but disasters. Losses from left to right. Madness and chaos regarding work or family. Unfortunately, you will not be able to dodge this during March. This is a tower moment for you. This means you need to adapt to these changes ASAP. Luckily, March will also be a resting period so take a break while you still can. If you are in any type of toxic relationship, this is the month for you to get away. And before I forget, do not worry about your money because it will definitely come in strong. Your lucky numbers this month: 16, 13, 32


You lucky one! March is YOUR month! This spring break will bring you abundance, good news, progress, and prosperity. Here’s a friendly reminder, you need to find balance in your love life, family relations, and money expenditures etc. March has been a good beginning for you. There will continue to be a lot of progress, doors will be closing but even more will be opening. Oh, and do not forget to let go of attachments and toxic people. Lucky numbers: 88, 14 , 26

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Say hello to new projects! The remainder of this month will bring you new opportunities filled good luck. March is the month for you to shine bright and finish up any project you may be working on. This includes education, career wise, work, etc. Here’s a little tip. Try to wear a more yellow as it will help attract spiritual divine power. And let’s not forget to have more faith! This is your time to show off your skills. Best of luck! You lucky numbers are: 19, 5, 61

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For the sake of your well-being … Let's move on! If you have been wanting to travel do it once and for all. Remember you have to be like a crab. Swim off shore and enjoy mother nature every once in a while. This is the perfect way to renew yourself and be you again. I know things have been bumpy in terms of work but one thing is for sure, you cannot allow this negativity to consume you. Just be patient. You will find your paradise by April. Your lucky numbers this month are: 63, 1, 4

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My dear lions … it is now time for business proposals, success, traveling and commitments. You said goodbye to your troubles in February. Now your main focus is to be the best and become number one. The remainder of March will be filled with victories and achievements. My only tip for you is to remember to get plenty of rest. I know you are a bit delicate in your knees and we don’t want any more problems. This month’s lucky numbers are: 85, 74, 9

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I know there are many things you want to buy but it is time to save your money (and time). I hate to be the one to deliver these news but this month is all about having patience. Despite the new projects in your life, things will a bit a slow for you in regards to work and money. On the bright side, there will be lots of happiness and new relationships. So March is not all bad for you. And do not worry too much! April will definitely be better for you. Your lucky numbers: 32, 46, 77

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It is FINALLY your time to catch a break. The remainder of this March is all about catching up with your bills, paying off outstanding debt and catching up with work. See this as a blessing. And before I forget, let me remind you that right now is the perfect time for improvements. Remove or throw away any unnecessary items from your home and make new ones. We don’t want you to hold on to any negative energies from the past. Your lucky numbers for March are: 56, 78, 93

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STOP! Do not give up on your goals! You are almost there so why give up now? This is your sign to not give up. Oh! And remember you need to make room for new ideas because the not all of the ones you have are good. In order to be successful you must have patience, make a strategy and always protect yourself with a backup plan. Your enemies are doing their best to bring you down to their level … be careful to not fall for their tricks. Your lucky numbers: 57, 67, 27

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You made it to the third month of the year. Your time for big changes and luck has finally arrived. During this month of March you can expect to receive lots of opportunities, blessings, and even wealth. And guess what? You deserved every ounce of that happiness! My only tip for you this month is to make sure to keep your emotions in check. Yes, we all know how angry you can get. This months lucky numbers: 91, 22, 37

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March is your month to renew yourself and your finances. You read that correctly. This month is all about getting organized with your money, bank and work. Here’s my little tip for you. Do NOT be afraid to make changes. See this as a way to renew your energies. Also, this month also includes letting go of attachments from the past such as exes and old friends. Your lucky numbers: 41, 6, 10

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LUCKY YOU! Make room for new finances, opportunities, tremendous positive energies, success and victories. All that bad luck that was stuck to you is finally gone. Now you are left with luxury, you are closer to your dream lifestyles and have love in life. You deserved all the happiness in the world. All I can say is to be careful with headaches. These energies may be a little too strong. March’s lucky numbers for you: 55, 96, 87

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I know it’s hard but PLEASE get away from bad friends. I’m saying this for your own sake. Again this month is about realizing who your real friends are and who just need something from you. Besides letting go of bad people, you will be receiving good news in regards to work and finances. So no more laziness or excuses! Here are you lucky numbers: 16, 88, 5

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