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2023 New Year Horoscopes

Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023! Have you been wondering what this new year has in store for you? Well look no further! You have found the right place. I officially present to you my 2023 New Year Horoscope readings! By yours truly (copyallycat).


You are the god of war and changes! 2023 is about movements, overcoming insomnia and lots of celebration. This year will fill you with good news and lots of (positive) changes. In 2023 you can expect to purchase a new house, win your court trials, job promotions, job changes & and even form strong connections with those high above.

New year, new you! This 2023 year I need you to have a lot of confidence in yourself and finally follow your dreams. Manifestation is at the palm of your hand. If you truly believe that a sudden money flow will come your way, it will definitely happen! In the process of manifestation you must know how to release pain and release those negative thoughts.

In 2023 you will encounter new important people who will introduce you to big projects and potential fame. Here's a little hint: Try to wear a bit more yellow this year since yellow is the color that will bring you all the good luck you want. Oh! and remember to adapt to changes. This year changes are a positive thing for you. Your archangel for this year is Preminilek and your lucky numbers are 39, 2, and 24.

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Taurus, the mother of all four legged creatures ... 2023 is your time to shine! 2023 has a lot of things stored for you from good luck to more money flow and from new job offers to new life cycles. I even see a lot of traveling for you this new year. You worked so hard last year so this year you can expect new “partnerships”.

Try to work with more people and doing so will grand you lots of love and success. Your archangel Lavender suggests you forgive any enemies you have. She will help calm them down for you so you shouldn't spend your energy on them. Do take the needed time to heal, forgive and move forward. Here's a friendly reminder ... “stop being so stubborn!” I need you to get with the program. Here are your lucky numbers for this 2023: 25, 47, and 16. Use them to calculate success!

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2023 is the perfect time for good luck and new partnerships. This year will bring you “independence” and tremendous energies from the sun. All year long you will notice changes that will benefit you and your element. Here's a little hint ... do NOT procrastinate when transitioning or going through any changes.

Gemini is an air element so I suggest you all take 2023 as the time to try new adventures or challenges. You need to learn to be okay with yourself and pray often. For this 2023, you definitely need to come up with a routine. Your archangel Gersisa recommends you meditate more and draw in more energy from the planets. Your lucky numbers for this year are 6, 42, and 35.

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*insert DAMMMM audio* Cancer you will have a fabulous year full of abundance and job offers. Your energies this year will be at their highest peek along with those from any Aquarius. Be careful with what you wish for as whatever you manifest will come true. In other words, try to only think about positive things. During this 2023, try to have more control of your finances. Try not to overspend! Your creative mind will definitely lead you to the right path. Here's a little friendly reminder ... this will be the year you have to take care of your health both mentally and spiritually.

Your spiritual gifts will allow you to teach others to be just like you. More specifically, Archangel Jophiel will be the one who allows you to share your wisdom. With that being said, try to wear more yellow this year. And before I forget, your Lucky numbers this year are 29, 48, 18 and 36.

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This 2023 is your lucky year! This year will be filled with positive movements & journeys. It is your time to shine and to awaken your 3rd eye gift. Here's an honest tip. Try to be more discreet with your ideas and do not overshare. You have some envious people around you who do not wish to see you succeed. Money is definitely on your side this year. Not only will you awaken abundance but also a high recognition at your job from your peers. During 2023 Archangel Michael will accompany you to make sure you are victorious. Meanwhile, Archagenl Fhelyai wants you to connect with the spiritual animal “lion” and learn / understand that you need to have more courage.

Remember that it is okay to have failures. Just don't let it get the best out of you. You must also always take accountability for your own actions. These will be your lucky numbers for 2023: 19, 14, and 28.

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2023 will bring you excitements from all the places you can imagine. You will be meeting new people who will become important for you for the rest of your life. In 2023 I see you walking a rather lonely path but simultaneously always having someone next to you. During 2023 there will be a tremendous energy accompanying you which will help you win every outcome.

Archangel Zadkiel will travel with you all year long. He will make sure you travel all year long and are able to meet and connect new people. Here's a little tip for you ... try wearing some violet or purple colors this year. Oh! Archangel Zadkiel will also be getting rid of unnecessary people in your life so you may start to notice certain individuals distancing from you. This year, your lucky numbers are 49,39, and 31.

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2023 is THE YEAR for marriage and job proposals. This is a good year to bring you the love and happiness you have been wanting to get. I see multiple family reunions and lots of extra work throughout 2023.

For those who have their own small business, there will be lots of positive offers that will help your business expand. Remember to always be careful and not overshare your plans and ideas with your coworkers or friends. During 2023 Archangel Uriel will be by your side to remind you to have more balance and to help you focus on other things besides your emotions. Your lucky numbers this year are 49, 39, 31.

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You better be ready for a big challenge this 2023. But do not worry as this challenge will be accompanied by a good amount of money. Needless to say, 2023 will start off a bit bumpy for Scorpios. Take this time to realize who your true friends are. Do follow your intuition as it will help you figure out situations before you get into them. I see lots of pregnancy out there so allow me to send my congratulations a bit early!

2023 is a good year to stop multitasking and to focus in one area. Remember to take your mental health more serious! I can see you always leave your mental health as an afterthought when it should be priority. This year Archangel Hope will be next to you to grant you your desires. Your lucky numbers this 2023 are 33, 5 , and 16.

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*Insert money dropping audio* Money money and more money all year long! This 2023 will be filled with lots of opportunities and teamwork for sagittarius. You are all about money so take advantage of the beautiful energy this 2023 is bring in. Doing so will help you get out of debt sooner. For those of you who are debating on whether or not you should switch your job, the answer is YES! During this 2023, Archangel Raphael will be by your side to grant you health and better finances.

This 2023 you better shine bright like a diamond and avoid any negative thoughts. Try to work together with other people and most importantly ... stop avoiding people who truly care for you. Here's a little tip for you. You can renew your energies by going for long walks at the beach. Allow the fire and water elements bring you the peace you have been seeking. Your lucky numbers are 30, 11, 9.

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You Capricorns are truly God's favorite horoscope in this universe. Let's just say that this 2023 you will find the true love of your life! Ironically, you may also find yourself walking a rather lonely path. But do not see this in a negative light. Instead, see it as a learning lesson and start figuring out how you can be more independent. Your 2023 will be filled with lots of celebrations and parties. Nonetheless, you must remember to be a bit discreet.

This year, Archangel Sammael will bring you light, strong energies and basically whatever you wish for. Your lucky numbers are 35, 20, 6. Try to use these numbers when playing the lottery!

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*low key my favorite sign (iykyk)* 2023 is you year to shine and overcome any obstacles that cross your path. The 'Star Tarot Card' will help you every step of the way this year. There will be victories, success, weddings, high paying jobs, contracts and positive news in regards to your investments. In other words, all of your hard work will finally pay off. Make sure to read carefully before signing any documents, especially when purchasing large items. And please do not overwork yourself or try to juggle too many tasks at once! This 2023 you must be a little more selfish and try to not overshare your wealth with others! This year, the Six of Pentacles will be by your side to help you self-control your finances.

2023 will be the year when your creativity is at its highest. So make sure to carry around a journal at all times! This year is all about communication and patience along with letting go of attachments. Your love life this year will be at its peak. For those of you who are single, you will find yourself being most compatible with Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpios. Here's a little tip ... do NOT open any wounds from exes. This year is about purifying your life with love. Archangel Amethyst will follow you all year long. Oh! and try to wear more purple since it’s a mystical color that will help you with your intuition. This year your lucky numbers are 31, 4, and 17.

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I know 2022 was a long battle for you. But do not worry! During 2023 you will hear the news you have been hoping for! Many people will be getting their green cards. Lots of love (and gifts) will be entering your life along with the luck you have been desiring. During 2023 try to spend more time with your family.

This year, Archangel Christine will be by your side and act as a guide light through the many roads you will take. 2023 is a good year to follow your intuition a bit more. Your archangel wants you to ground yourself and be more mindful about the universe. Your lucky numbers during this year are 22, 41, and 1.

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Thank you all for an overall amazing 2022! I'm sure we all had our ups and downs but regardless of those moments of difficulty, we find ourselves in 2023. I sincerely wish each and everyone of you the best this upcoming year!

If there are any blogs you want me to make or any questions you may have, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to respond to you all. Once again ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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