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Monthly Horoscope: April 2023

Have you been wondering what this month has in store for you? Well look no further! You have found the right place. Here are my Horoscope readings for the month of April. As always, by yours truly (copyallycat).


The first quarter of 2023 has ended and it is now a great time for you to progress in life. This month of April is all about distancing yourself a bit and trying to understand your own emotions. Here’s my little tip for you thins month. Do not let those who left you back into your life. You are Aries aka the main zodiac sign. You need to be a leader. I hope you finally achieve the financial discipline that you so much desire. This is also the perfect month for you to find your group of people. Yes, I am talking about the group who will always be there for you. Remember to always take a deep breath and learn to forgive instead of just exploding your emotions. Your lucky numbers this month: 1, 6, 96

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What a way to start the month! April is all about happiness, surprises, and growth (both in social media and personally). For you, this month of April will be a period of abundance. Besides the beautiful light, there is something much more greater than just good news and that is music. Yes, you read that right! Pay attention to your favorite songs and find the hidden messages for you. Here’s a little tip, remember music can help you manifest your desires. I’d suggest you listen to “Money” by Cardi B! Lucky numbers: 5, 11 , 32

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My dear Geminis. This month of April is the perfect time for making repairs and catching up with pretty much everything. The 8 of pentacles is about budgeting. Here’s a little tip, make sure you put aside enough time and money to put towards your goals. This month of April is all about time, precision, and health. Take this chance to exercise and do some proper dieting! I’m not saying this for physical reasons, it’s more for health purposes. Always take care of yourself. You lucky numbers are: 8, 71

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Buckle up because this month of April is all about tremendous energies and overloads of work. You got The Devil tarot card which is related to more money BUT with the appropriate precautions. Here’s my little tip for you, be careful with your surroundings. I hate to be the one to tell you this but not everyone who is near you is your friend. From the darkened lurks evil and lots of envy. Especially for someone as precious as you are. Your lucky numbers this month are: 1, 6, 9

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Leo April is screaming “Shine bright like a diamond”! This month is your time to shine and bring in that money your’ve been working for. April is all about business, money, completion, marriage and more work. This month is also about spending time with your family and children (if you have any). Your family needs you to nourish them to the same level as you. Your oracle card this month is about adventure. It is your time to go out and enjoy new journeys. Go out, have fun and remember to always be careful! This month’s lucky numbers are: 5, 10, 19

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Dear Virgo, if you have been postponing a project, you need to stop and finish it this month. April for you is all about hard work and completion. This month is also your time to finally commit to your studies/work. Here’s a little tip, make sure to always keep you physical health in check! Get up, exercise and go back to work … that needs to be your motto this month. Your lucky numbers: 4, 7, 67

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Dear Libras, your spiritual awakening awaits. This April is all about connecting with the divine light. Make sure to pay attention to all spiritual beings and most importantly, have patience. Time and strategy are your friends. By the last day of the month, you should feel rewarded for completion this journey. Your lucky numbers for March are: 2, 9, 11

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My Scorpios, great news for you! This month is all about choices and commitments being at your favor. Your desires, goals and the things you dream of will soon be turning into a reality. Here’s a little tip for you, don’t allow anything to distract you. Oh, and remember that in order to be successful you need to achieve your goals by yourself. We both know just how strong you intuition is, use it for your advantage. Your lucky numbers: 2, 4, 11

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April = Your plane ticket! Your horoscope for this month is all about traveling and stepping out of your comfort zone. Yes, this literally means you will be physically traveling to new places *Yayyy!* Make sure to enjoy Mother Nature while you’re out. Try enjoying long walks at the park since those walks will help you renew your energies. This months lucky numbers: 3, 8, 44

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Capricorn, it is your time to build a strong bond with your family and friends. Just like you need them, they also need you. You know that sometimes, they need stability and structure on how to be a family. My tip for you is that love is your key term for this month of April. Try to show love towards everyone … even your enemies. Your lucky numbers: 4, 6, 13

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My Aquarius, it is finally time for exposures and the truth to see the light of day. Allow this month to bring you stability and improve your budgeting. Here’s my tip for you, don’t allow this month to bring you down. Whatever comes your way, take it as an opportunity to fix your previous mistakes. By the end of the month there will be happiness and large gatherings. And let me just tell you that lots of new beginnings await you. April' lucky numbers for you: 1, 4

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This is your month for COMMUNICATION. It is also a great month for you to rekindle relationships. This month is all about “love” and finding ways to feel complete once again. Remember that April is about manifestation. You manifest what you desire and it will be fulfilled for the next few years. Here are you lucky numbers: 2, 8

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