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2022 Holiday Horoscopes


Holiday season is around the corner and it’s definitely a good time for Aries to take a break and rest. Take this season as an opportunity to simply sleep-in and renew your energies. I do have one warning for Aries. This week will be a week about ‘drama’. So if you have anything to say, please make sure to speak your mind at the dinner table. I am just warning you that at least one of your family members is there to pick a fight.

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Good news for Taurus! This week will be a good week to spend time with your loved ones. I see nothing but positive things. From communication to romances and from healing sessions to overall positive changes. As far as finances, there is definitely room for projects in the upcoming month of December. Now is the perfect time for Taurus to save a lot of money before the year ends. My only warning would be to remember that whatever you do this month will affect you significantly in month of February of next year.

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Gemini it is your time to shine! This week will involve a lot of preparations and adjustments. To those dealing will court battles, I see positive news heading your way soon. This week will also bring lots of stability so please do not stress too much! Also, this is your time to have a glow up moment followed by a lot of happiness. I can see a lot of family reunions with members from your mom’s side of the family.

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Good news. Your wishes are coming true! Yay!! You will soon notice a lot of opportunities coming your way. Try to be a bit more calm as these opportunities may be overwhelming. Try to be careful when analyzing situations and try to think from different angles/perspectives. For this holiday season shopping try to be more prudent. Make sure to only purchased the things you need. If you don’t need it, then don’t buy it. It is time to save some money since money will be tight. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Spell Recommendation: Soothing Spray


I know your head is full of ideas and plans but don’t overdo it. Don’t fill your plate trying to do all the cooking and decorations for these holidays. Ask people for help when you need it! Also, try to rest a bit because you will be needing a lot of energy next month. There is definitely room for changes that may have a great impact in your time so you may need to put some ideas off until next year.

Spell Recommendation: Holy Trinity Combo


You are full of chaotic energy! Try to use that exact chaotic energy to manifest power and success for yourself. We will be having a new moon this week. Use it to your advantage! You definitely want to end this year in a strong manner so that next year can be an even better one. There are many good opportunities heading your way so don’t stress out too much. Also, please try spending more time with your mother. She definitely needs your presence/company.

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Just this week to get yourself organized. Either declutter or stop yourself from cluttering your home and your work space! Also, please be wary when it comes to your belongings. I do see that this week may be a bit tough for you but at the same time it is a good week to know what the “chisme” is all about. For those having financial problems, don’t stress too much. Whatever problem you are having with your finances will soon come to an end. You are currently being taught a lesson for not keeping an eye on your bank account.

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You are finally having good week to spend time with your family. Make sure to use this week to renew your energies by going out. And remember to eat and sleep! Once this week is over there will be a very huge opportunity heading your way. Something similar to a project for prosperity. I am letting you know right know that whatever decisions you make in terms of your career will benefit you in the long run. With that being said, congratulations in advance!

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Get up and finish the fight your family started. You guys will have a tough week but in a good way. This week is about expressions and arguments. So please make sure to put your cousin in place for talking so much sh*t throughout this whole year. The energies are strong but now will be a good time to speak your mind at the dinner table.

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What a good week to close cycles between you and family members. Now that you know your family isn’t the best place for you, use this time to keep your mind at peace. Use this time to finally stay away from battles where you don’t belong. Don’t forget the most important thing right now is to focus on yourself and only on yourself!

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This week is about sharing power and not allowing anyone to take advantage of your kindness. Business is business. What I am trying to say is that if the business is yours, then keep it yours. I can see you are a generous person but you can’t simply help everyone. For Aquarius dating other Aquarius, use your mind as a weapon. Good opportunities are heading your way especially if work for the things you want. And one more thing, don’t allow anyone to step on your boundaries.

Spell Recommendation: Spiritual Spray


It is finally your week to see daylight. Whatever problems you were dealing with will finally end this weekend. Just want and see how you walk out victorious from a war. Don’t forget to always be on the lookout as a huge opportunity to work a job with better pay is heading your way. You will notice your love life blossom and soon you will be given the biggest news of your life. As the last horoscope of the zodiac, you are ending the year with lots of positivity. Congratulations!

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