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April 2024 Horoscope By copyallycat

copyallycat April 2024 Horoscope

Hello April! While March gave us a lunar eclipse, April is gifting a lot of us with our first total solar eclipse since 2017! Curious to know what the amazing month of April has in store for you? If so, here are your monthly copyallycat Horoscope Readings for April 2024!

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Aries welcome to the month of April. This is the perfect time for you to settle down and find yourself a good person to be in a relationship with. I want you to have this in mind, new people will bring new ideas. Make sure to take this advice as this new ideas later be used on your own projects. Remember Aries you are a leader and when you take leadership, you will be guaranteed money.

During April I see a lot of love, passion, sex and celebration all month long. So, when meeting new people, take your time to explore your options and go for what you like best. 


My dear Taurus, for you April is the month to restore that balance in life that you’ve lost as the year has progressed. Your feminine energy is all about motherly vibes and Mother Nature. So try to get more in touch with your feminine energy. You’ll thank me later.

Keep in mind that it’s time to flip things around. April is the perfect month for you to show who is in charge when it comes to work, family and projects. 

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Gemini , believe me when I tell you it’s time to let go of your desire and thirst for vengeance. April is your month to transform and let go of all those bad habits of yours (including going back to your ex)! Mercury retrograde is here to remind you that you will only suffer if you keep purposefully repeating the same mistakes.

Don't just make plans. Act on them. And try to avoid stressing out too much. Remember, two heads are better than one. Get different opinions and help when it comes to your mental health.


Well lucky you! Pack your bags because this is the month to explore new sceneries. Allowing yourself to travel and see new sights will help you come up with new ideas. And I know you have some projects coming up that could definitely use some innovative ideas.

Instead of following others, try to think outside the box and allow your own creativity guide you throughout this month. Trust me, experiencing new things are good for you.


Leos, what's going on? It's time to get it together! For you, April is all about collaborating with others and allowing other horoscopes to guide you to the right path.

Summer is around the corner and it will be the time to become powerful. But in order for you to shine bright you must start now. Your friends will be Aquarius, Gemini and/or Libra. Allow them to shift your energy to the sun so that you can recharge your energies. You'll soon realize you'll both be helping each other out.

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Money, money and even more money! Virgo, April is your month for guaranteed success.

Let's just say this is the perfect time to focus on saving money ... and I mean SAVE! Later on in the year you will be able to invest that money that you saved and you will successfully turn in into something bigger. For those of you who have been practicing manifestation, your desires will slowly start being fulfilled.


April will be such a good month for you when it comes to love. So much that you will wish your happiness and romance were eternal. I see lots of positive energies all month long which I know it’s something you’ve been waiting for.

You Libras are the batteries of the horoscope. In other words, you give energy to other. And one way to help yourself is being feeling complete. So it’s time to let go of unnecessary habits and traits that no longer serves a purpose.


As you know, the first quarter of the year is officially over. Now that April is here, it is your time to shine bright. I see you having a lot of luck, more money and the correct guidance.

Not everything in life is negative. I know that for you the year started a bit rough, so now you can fully enjoy the positive things heading your way. This includes positive things related to your relationships.


You have power and manifestation in the palm of your hands. What you desire will happen. You will get those projects you've been wanting for so long. Make sure to not make any sudden movements and don't fully establish those projects until min April. This is because the Mercury Retrograde could turn the positive into a negative. 

Let’s think smart and ahead of time with those projects. Doing so will get you the results you want.

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Get ready for a spiritual journey and collaborations during April. Next to you is a right friend / right partner who will take the time out of the day to guide/help you through your spiritual path.

Remember, you are God‘s favorite horoscope because you represent 'new beginnings' and the 'new year'. I see lots of success and triumphs this month. 

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It is time to take action and start working on improving your finances. Any pending debt will be taken care of this month and is also the time for you guys to hustle a lot more than usual.

You guys are chaotic, but you guys are guaranteed money. Your search for power and big money is coming.

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Be careful of who you surround yourself with. Make sure to take extra precautions this month, since there could be robberies and/or financial losses.

Mercury retrograde has occurred so you need to protect yourself a little bit more. Use your spiritual powers to help distinguish evil people in bad relationships. You will be tested this month by the power of the planets.

copyallycat Witchy Mystery Boxes

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If there are any blogs you want me to make or any questions you may have, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to respond to you all. If not, I will see you next month for the April edition of copyallycat Horoscope Readings!

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